the organizational talent for your psychotherapeutic office

With thrpy, you decide when and where you document:

Directly during a session

after a session

or later

wherever you are

At the same time, you always have an overview of your patients or upcoming sessions. Everything within reach and under control - anytime, anywhere!

What some of our therapists say

thrpy has become an indispensable relief in my everyday business as a therapist.


Psychologischer Psychotherapeut, Münster

thrpy is very helpful and a time-saver in my daily therapeutic work.


Psychologischer Psychotherapeut, Dachau

thrpy evolves in collaboration with users, incorporates suggestions and implements them quickly, saves me an incredible amount of time in my work, which then remains available for my clients. It is super secure and usable anytime, anywhere with the iPad.


Personzentrierte Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision, Wien

Documentation within seconds

There are many options for your documentation in thrpy

Document with the keyboard, whether an externally connected one or the on-screen keyboard.

Document with a pen. Many digital input pens, including the Apple Pencil, are suitable for this.

Use self-defined keywords that can be added to a documentation via Drag & Drop.

Take pictures of documents or results of a therapy session.

Additionally, create custom templates for your documentation to quickly reuse familiar structures of sessions.

You can freely choose and combine any of these options how to document a session.


Everything within reach and under control

Detailed documentation
An overview of patients and all related sessions can be found in the patient overview. There, you will also see the keywords used for each session."


Minimize the time spent on everyday tasks.

Everything within reach - complete and structured. Individual sessions and soon the entire therapy history can be printed and filed. Additionally, you have the option to send the documents as PDF and store them digitally."


Feel safe using it everyday

Secure access to information.
With just a few clicks, you have access to your patients, including patient data, session appointments, and your notes on individual sessions, even outside the office - secure and protected by password and encryption. Data protection is a must for us!

More time for the patients and psychotherapy!

The more organizational challanges we face, the greater our desire for a clear structure. With thrpy, as a psychotherapist, you create and manage documentation, patient data, and appointments flexibly, securely, and efficiently. On your iPad™, you have everything within reach and under control at all times, no matter where you are.

thrpy - the digital clipboard for psychotherapists.

First 30 days for free.
17,99 $ monthly

Suitable for all therapeutic sessions and coaching!

simple. different.
thrpy is always there: easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to integrate into your daily practice. thrpy is exceptionally different: focused on the essentials, with clear and straightforward functions at fair prices, and also quick and open in communication.


Occupational therapy



Everything else

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